Danish government proposes new strict rules on approval of foreign investments: DCBF webinar

Danish-Chinese Business Forum (DCBF) next webinar on 29 April will cover “Screening and approval of foreign investments- new strict rules proposed by the Danish government”

About the webinar:

Nikolaj Juhl Hansen, Partner, Nordic/Baltic law firm Magnusson’s Corporate M&A team will give an introduction to the Danish government’s proposal for new legislation concerning screening and approval of foreign investments, which will apply to any transaction where a foreign entity or person acquires control of 10% of a Danish business, to greenfield investments and “special economic agreements” (e.g. JV and R&D agreements) in a diversified list of sectors including a range of technology businesses, energy, defense, data processing, and storage as well as critical infrastructure.

Following the presentation, there will be an open discussion at which any related questions and/or comments are most welcome.

Date: 29 April

Time: 10:30 – 11:30 Denmark / 16:30 – 17:30 China

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Danish-Chinese Business Forum aims to strengthen commercial ties between Denmark, Southern Sweden, and China. They act as enablers of knowledge exchange among companies and organizations with a common interest in Chinese business relations.

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