Danish man recalls being sexually abused for a week in Phuket

Screenshot from the documentary where Danish Mathias Søby Kristensen tells about his sexual abuse in Phuket five years ago.

Mathias Søby Kristensen recalls in a Danish TV documentary how he was drugged and sexually abused by a Thai man during a weeklong nightmare vacation on Phuket. The today 27 year old is one of four participants in the documentary, which has been aired in Denmark over the past couple of weeks. All four men open up and talk about different incidents that has left them impotent and uninterested in having sexual relationships ever again.

Mathias Søby Kristensen told in an interview with the Danish media BT, how he was drugged during a night out in the nightlife in Phuket. He woke up again, when a Thai man picked him up from the pavement and took him with him to a location, where he was sexually abused for days. Every time he was coming out of his intoxication, he was given more pills which he eventually started taking out of his own free will in order to deal with being forced to have sex with the Thai man.

Today, he struggles to sleep at night. It still happens that he gets nightmares or flashbacks to what happened to him almost five years ago.

“I’m badly affected by nightmares. The last few weeks it has been quite often. I can not sleep without takin a lot of sleeping pills. If I do not take it, I sleep an hour and a half because I drive myself completely up. I’m afraid of waking up somewhere else or out in that bath tub again. ”

Fortunately, Mathias no longer has suicidal thoughts and he wants to live most of the time.

Source: https://www.bt.dk/samfund/mathias-blev-seksuelt-udnyttet-i-fem-dage-paa-ferie-jeg-frygter-jeg-doer-alene

Play: https://play.tv2.dk/programmer/dokumentar/serier/giv-mig-manddommen-tilbage/badet-i-traumer-268193

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2 Comments on “Danish man recalls being sexually abused for a week in Phuket”

  1. I really sympathise with Mathias. It must leave a mark on the soul.

    I remember that I once met a Swedish guy in a bar in Pattaya, circa 1990, who claimed to have been kidnapped and raped by two German leather-gays during many hours.

    In fact, I have also been drugged by two Thai guys, who invited me to their apartment, and offered me some food.

    I was then taken in the elevator up to the top floor, to “watch the view”, but sensed that something was wrong.

    It took me an hour to walk the dark streets to my hotel, and I could hardly walk straight.

    A police man stopped me and asked what I had ingested, but I just kept trundling along.

    I am now a little bit wiser…

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