Danish nursing students to take internships at Cebu provincial hospitals

Credit: VIA University

The Provincial Board of Cebu authorized on 10 February 2020 an international internship program between Denmark and the Philippines. The program details that government-run hospitals in the province of Cebu will be hosting an internship program in which nursing students from Danish universities can join. The internship program will be facilitated by Bylling Foundation, a Danish NGO that promotes the rights and welfare of street children in Cebu, reports Cebu Daily.

“The Cebu Provincial Hospitals have been allowing internship requests from various nursing students for the latter’s training in the same health facilities,” reads the resolution of Fourth District Board Member and Committee on Health and Social Services Chairperson Kerrie Keane Shimura.

During their internship program, the nursing students will be subject to the existing policies of the provincial and government hospitals.

Source: Cebu Daily

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