Danish singer Michael Falch: My heart is 8500 km away in Thailand

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Danish singer Michael Falch talks to Danish daily BT about his recently published book, written during the pandemic, and in the book, he opens up about his life and health challenges and also his latest relationship with a Thai masseuse he met in Copenhagen.

In the book titled ‘Over stregen – umodne manddomsfortællinger’ (‘Crossing the line – immature manhood stories’), Michael Falch gives readers behind-the-scenes details about the long road to the restoration of one of Denmark’s biggest rock bands Malurt. The singer describes how the corona situation has been close to affecting his mental health, he opens up for the first time about how he felt being a relative, when his youngest daughter, Mathilde, was dangerously close to dying of anorexia while additionally talking about finding love again with a 39-year-old Thai woman whom he met when she worked in Denmark as a masseuse.

The otherwise rather private musician was aware that he had to be completely honest in the memoir – even if it could make him appear in a less flattering light.

“I have had two long relationships in my adult life, and when I moved to Copenhagen, it was actually with the awareness that now I could now fade away and prepare for my third age,” Michael Falch says to BT but adds that he could just feel that maybe he was not created to be alone and he found love when he least expected it. Michael Falch had been going for treatment for a serious back injury that had threatened his work on stage for many years and the Asian woman who was supposed to help him with his back problems instead ended up helping him with his soul, the singer explains.

“It is a diffuse process that is beyond the reach of science. And I was lonely. But for her, it was completely unthinkable that she should get involved with a man from Denmark. She just had to earn her money and then go back to Thailand, Michael Falch says about the woman, Ginnalee. In the book, Michael Falch says that one day Ginnalee’s residence permit expired and she was due to be sent to Center Sandholm, a public institution for asylum seekers in Denmark – unless a relative with Danish citizenship could house her until there was a seat on a plane back to Thailand.

Ginnalee has said to the Danish authorities that Michael Falch was her boyfriend and although the two hadn’t had that talk yet, he still agreed to pick her up and offered to house her in his apartment. The singer says that he opened the door to love and after four months Ginnalee was sent back to Thailand and is not allowed to enter Denmark for the next two years.

“She left the country, but she took my heart with her. She did. And she has kept it,” says the singer and adds that his heart is now 8500 kilometers away in Thailand. What the current relationship status is between Michael Falch and Ginnalee, however he won’t share and says that people will have to wait for his next book for those details.

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