Danish musician Michael Falch writes love album for his new Thai girlfriend

Michael Falch has written his first ever love album – Photo: Stine Heilmann

64-year-old Michael Falch has made a big name for himself on the Danish music scene since he started his career with the Danish rock band “Malurt” in 1977. Since then, he has gone on to release a long line of different solo albums. But now the musician has written his first ever “love album”. The reason for this? His newfound love with Ginnalee from Thailand, BT writes.

The album is a love declaration to Ginnalee who he met in Denmark and who was now been deported back to Thailand by Denmark.

Even though Michael Falch didn’t plan to do a love album there was no choice once the feeling hit him. “I have written love songs through the years, but I have never written an entire album with only love songs before and when I was young, I forswore that it would ever happen,” he says smiling.

Michel Falch has even gone so far to feature his new love on the album itself. “On the album Ginnalee is reading an Asian adventure about the Birdwomen Manola and the human prince who meet and fall in love but have to face a great number of obstacles before they can finally be together,” Michael Falch explains.

Now the musician is waiting for the pandemic to settle down so he can finally go to Thailand and reunite with his darling.

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