Denmark and Indonesia – a mutually beneficial relationship for the environment

Denmark has more than forty years of experience in the development and implementation of environmental policy in a partnership between the public and private sector and civil society. This cooperation is based on trust, flexibility, and mutual respect for the contribution of each party to the development of green solutions in society. 

The circular economy is the next big step in the green transition, and Danish experience is now being shared with other countries. The Danish Environmental Protection Agency cooperates bilaterally with Indonesia in assisting the country in its transition toward a green economy. 

The partnership is catalyzing the transition by supporting the development of the national Circular Economy Strategy in Indonesia while promoting Danish expertise in the sector.

Exploration and processing of natural resources result in almost half of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions and more than ninety percent of the loss of biodiversity. Waste has to be seen as a valuable asset, but that demands the attention of governments, private sectors, and each individual consumer. That is what the Denmark-Indonesia partnership is all about. 

The Denmark-Indonesia partnership provides more opportunities to improve the environmental sector through capacity development of central and local governments as well as adding expertise, knowledge, and experience.

Learn more about circular economy solutions and the cooperation between Denmark and Indonesia here.

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