Denmark, Indonesia to co-op plastic waste management

Pictures like this is not a rare sight in Indonesia

Denmark and Indonesia is sharing the best practices for handling plastic waste. “Indonesia may be inspired and adopt a number of best practices for waste management,” the Danish Ambassador said.Indonesia ranks as the second worst country in the world when it comes to managing plastic waste, only overtaken by China. And it shows. Beaches filled with used bottles and waste, artificial plastic islands off the coast of Bali and a general society not build for handling the enormous amount of plastic waste generated by a growing population.

And the best solution to solving these problems are by cooperation and sharing experiences between countries. And just recently the Danish Ambassador to Indonesia, Rasmus Abildgaard Kristensen conveyed that Denmark and Indonesia share best practices for the management and reduction of waste production.

“We share our experience with the Indonesian people. Indonesia may be inspired and adopt a number of best practices for waste management. We also provide concrete support for very specific initiatives to help solve the waste problem,” Ambassador Rasmus said in a commemoration of World Environment Day on the 6th of June according to Netral News.

And addition to this, Ambassador Rasmus said that “his side” wanted to help the Indonesian government gather data on the amount of plastic that’s actually being wasted in Indonesia. Lastly he issued an appeal to the Indonesians to protect their nature before it is destroyed by plastic pollution.


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