Denmark, World Bank and Ministry of Education support Myanmar townships’s basic education

Denmark gives suppport to The World Bank and Myanmar Ministry of Education’s decentralizes funding to support fundamental education to children in need from 57 townships in Myanmar, announced on an official statement on 29 June 2020.The statement said:

“Access to education is a fundamental right for all children and they should enjoy their education rights regardless of who they are or their background,” the Danish statement said.

“To promote access to education for children from vulnerable families, Denmark co-funds a Student Stipends programme, which is implemented by the Ministry of Education in collaboration with the World Bank as part of the Decentralising Funding to School project. This Stipends Programme not only reduces the burden of vulnerable families from education expenses for sending their children to school but also prevents early school drop-out. In this academic year, Stipends will be given to 240,000 basic education students from 57 townships in Myanmar.”

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