Denmark’s Sonderborg, China’s Haiyan now sister cities

China’s Haiyan and Denmark’s Sonderborg became sister cities after they reached a consensus on building ecological and low-carbon cities. The two cities vowed to deepen cooperation in machine manufacturing, electronics and electrical appliances, and other industries of high technology, low power consumption and low pollution on Nov. 23 at 2013 China-EU City Expo held in Beijing.Harbour_of_Sønderborg

At present the two cities are discussing cooperation in four areas, according to Shen Xiaohong, the Party chief of Haiyan county of east China’s Zhejiang province.

First, Haiyan vows to further develop low-carbon industrial park. Haiyan county has developed Europe (Germany) industrial park and Northern Europe industrial park. It plans to attract more enterprises with the help of Sonderborg.

Second, Haiyan plans to build an ecological city. The Danfoss Group of Sonderborg city will make further investigations about Haiyan’s costal area, and cooperation on the publicity of ecological concept, the development of ecological city, green industry and low carbon life are expected to be conducted in the future.

Third, Haiyan plans to develop its low carbon town – Ganpuzhen. Ganpuzhen is a small town in the south part of Haiyan county. It has an AAAA-grade national scenic area called Naibeihu Scenic Spot. Haiyan will work closely with Sonderborg in ancient town protection, tourist exploration, rural residential development, scenic area expansion, and industrial and agricultural developments.

Fourth, Haiyan vows to develop its energy recycling. As the birthplace of China’s nuclear energy, Haiyan has reached an agreement on reusing the waste heat of nuclear energy with Danfoss. Joint researches have started in this area.

Source: People’s Daily

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