Embassy of Sweden in Bangkok introduces Business Sweden Thailand’s new associate

In a recent update, the Embassy of Sweden in Bangkok introduces Business Sweden Thailand and the emerging Mekong region’s new Associate Ms. Patcharee Yodpratum. 

Ms. Patcharee Yodpratum grew up in Sweden and her role at Business Sweden Thailand involves working closely with project teams, both on local and international levels, in collecting, analyzing, and presenting information to clients, being mainly Swedish companies interested in entering Southeast Asia or the Thai market, in particular.

Ms. Patcharee Yodpratum also contributes to supporting her senior colleagues at not only Business Sweden, but the whole Team Sweden in Thailand in driving the development and promotion of new business opportunities between Thailand and Sweden.

“Sweden and Thailand have a well-established trade relationship that goes back more than 100 years, and at present, there are approximately 85 Swedish companies in Thailand. And as Business Sweden’s role is to promote trade and support Swedish companies that are looking to expand their operations to Thailand, we are looking forward to seeing more Swedish companies introduced to the Thai market in the next coming years,” Ms. Patcharee Yodpratum says. 

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