Did you know that Thailand’s first ambulance was produced by Swedish Scania-Vabis?

Photo: Scania via Embassy of Sweden in Bangkok

Scania is a major Swedish manufacturer which has provided the world with transport solutions for the last 125 years, ever since the company was founded in 1891. In the beginning, it was bicycles and trains, nowadays the company supplies trucks, buses, and engines all across the globe. 

Scania-Vabis was formed in 1911 through the merger of Södertälje-based Vabis and Malmö-based Maskinfabriks-aktiebolaget Scania. After the merger the company Scania-Vabis relocated to Södertälje.

In a history update highlighting the connection between Sweden and Thailand, the Embassy of Sweden shares that exactly 107 years ago, in 1914, a special freight wagon carrying a large pine box left from Södertälje in Sweden.

The large box was addressed to His Royal Highness Prince Krom Luang Devawongse Varoprakar, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Siam (กระทรวงการต่างประเทศ Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of Thailand).

As you can imagine this was not a simple everyday delivery and the large pine box actually contained Thailand’s very first ambulance which had been produced by Scania-Vabis. 

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