Embassy of Sweden supports arts and culture through Cambodian Living Arts


The Embassy of Sweden in Cambodia has entered into an agreement to support arts and culture through Cambodian Living Arts, according to this announcement

The Embassy states that the mission of CLA is to be a catalyst in a vibrant arts sector, inspiring new generations. 

The first phase of the support is a three-year agreement with the key intention to support artists to explore the potential of civic participation via the arts in Cambodia and to create, share, and discuss diverse narratives and perspectives on Cambodia’s social, political, and cultural contexts using a variety of cultural and artistic expressions. 

Cambodian Living Arts is the main arts and culture organization in Cambodia, promoting individual artists and groups in all fields, music, dance, visual arts, film, and literature. Through exhibitions, performances, workshops, and seminars CLA has a wide outreach and influence. 

The Swedish financial support is US 1 million, the Embassy states. 

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2 Comments on “Embassy of Sweden supports arts and culture through Cambodian Living Arts”

  1. Scandasia,
    There’s no Embassy of Sweden in Cambodia according to the website of the Swedish foreign ministry!? (where all the 100+ foreign offices are mentioned).
    Who to contact for information about SWE-CAM cooperation!?

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