Nordic Police and Customs Liaison Officer on her trip to her new location in Beijing


In early July, Mia Poutanen started her new job as a Nordic Police and Customs Liaison Officer (PTN) at the Embassy of Finland in Beijing, the capital of China where she will be working for the next two years.

Before coming to China, Mia Poutanen most recently worked for the National Board of Police as a police chief inspector, as a supervisor of surveillance and alert operations, and as a police inspector in immigration expert positions. 

Previously, Mia Poutanen has worked as a police officer, e.g. In the Central Criminal Police and the Police University of Applied Sciences. In addition, Mia Poutanen has worked in the Police Department of the Ministry of the Interior, the Customs Board, in international assignments in the UN peacekeeping force, and the European Commission’s Schengen evaluation assignments.

In a recent blog post, Mia Poutanen talks about her new job and how her journey from Finland to Beijing went. A journey that covered 7400 kilometers, took 21 days due to China’s strict quarantine rules and in addition, was influenced by a typhoon hitting Shanghai. 

Read about Mia Poutanen’s journey from Finland to China here

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