Finnish BMH hopes to set up waste-to-energy projects in Thailand

BMH Technology, the Finland-based waste-to-energy technology supplier, expects to sign two agreements with the Thai government this year for the first waste-to-electricity projects in Thailand, reports Bangkok Post.

Jori Kaaresmaa, sales manager of BMH Thailand, said the company has been in talks with developers of two projects here for two years.

“We already have the pieces of the puzzle and are in the finalising stages of the contracts,” he said.

Turning waste into electricity is a new concept for Thailand. Such projects convert municipal solid waste into solid recovered fuel (SRF), which is then used in boilers to produce electricity.

“We have 10-15 realistic projects in the pipeline but they have not started yet due to political reasons in Thailand. Dealing with waste is complicated,” Mr Kaaresmaa said.

We hope that the projects will be set up within the next five years, he said. BMH has been active in the field for about seven years.

Europe is its largest market because it has a lot of waste regulations and emission controls. About half of its customers are in the private sector. “We have rated Thailand and Indonesia as the No.1 countries. The Thai government has already developed good support for these projects,” Mr Kaaresmaa said.

At the moment, BMH has two customers in Thailand  which are TPI Polene (TPIPL) and Siam Cement Group (SCG).



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  1. we are interested in your company and we do need your very assistance in order to build our waste to energy project and also we will like to know what a project like this can cost us to build completely.thank you and we look forward to your response .
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