Finnish carriers suspend sales of Xiaomi phones

Three major Finnish mobile carriers: Telia, DNA, and Elisa, have suspended sales of the Chinese company Xiaomi’s products. This is in response to the brand’s presence in Russia after the invasion of Ukraine.

Xiaomi was earlier this year declared an “international sponsor of war” by the National Agency of Corruption Prevention in Ukraine. Telia has stated this as the main reason for the company to give up cooperation the Chinese firm.

According to a statement by Telia, the company will only sell already stocked products by the brand. They will not purchase any new devices.

DNA stores no longer have Xiaomi phones on display. The carrier has confirmed that it has suspended all sales of Xiaomi’s products. DNA’s CEO, Sami Aavikko, told Suomimobiili that the company is not satisfied with Xiaomi’s handling of the situation in Russia, and plans are not to replenish stocks once the current devices sell out.

Elisa took a milder approach and will narrow down its range of Xiaomi devices.

The Finnish retailer, Veikon Kone, was the first to withhold sales of Xiaomi phones in the summer. The company later reversed its decision after the competition declined to follow suit. The retailer has likewise stated, that it is not planning to add new models to its stores.

Other Finnish retailers like Gigantti and Verkkokauppa has affirmed, that since the EU does not ban Xiaomi, they will continue to sell products until further notice.

Xiaomi representatives have remained silent on the matter.


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