Great results within trade between Denmark and Thailand

Press Release: Outstanding results within trade between Denmark and Thailand!

For the first time ever, the value of exported goods from Denmark to Thailand exceeds 2 BILLION DKK. To be exact, the value reached an impressive 2.5 billion DKK in 2017 which corresponds to a growth of 36.6 % from 2016.

These results show the great successes and efforts of both Danish companies and the work of everyone involved in supporting commercial relations between Thailand and Denmark. The figures are also a reflection of the fact that Danish companies see great opportunities in Thailand and focus more on the Thai market.

Looking in the other direction, Thailand has also experienced an increase in the value of products going to Denmark. An increase of 7.1% from 2016 – now exporting goods to Denmark of 2.7 billion DKK.

In brief lots of reasons to be happy and proud of the blossoming trade and also the additional value created by successful Danish companies based in Thailand carrying out production in this country. These companies create growth and employment to the benefit of Denmark, Danish companies and the Thai society as such.

Source: Embassy of Denmark in Bangkok.

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