Hidden gem in mountains of Mae Hong Son Thailand

Photo taken by Kanlayakorn Pengrattana.

Close to the Myanmar border, the area of Ban Ruam Thai village in Mae Hong Son province, Thailand, used to be an opium planting field for hill tribes.

It was not until 1984 that the place was developed into a modern agricultural land under the Royal Forest Project at Pang Tong 2 by HM Queen Sirikit and was renamed as “Pang Ung.”

Photo taken by Kanlayakorn Pengrattana.

With a challenging route to travel there, Pang Ung is viewed as the hidden gem among mountains of the northern part of Thailand.

The road leading to the place is extremely narrow with sharp curves but somehow, a promising satisfaction happened when you first spotted the lake view surrounded by pine forest.

Photo taken by Kanlayakorn Pengrattana.

The scenery is usually covered by fog in early mornings and is most beautiful and crowded during the winter, tourists call it the “Switzerland in Thailand.”

Certainly, Pang Ung is the destination for people who love to camp and immerse themselves in wilderness as there are routes for visitors to take and explore exotic plants.

Photo taken by Kanlayakorn Pengrattana.

Plus, we cannot forget to mention the white swans who are the stars of the place. Many people came with the hope to see and take a selfie with them as a proof that they have arrived.

Even if the summer has just begun, it is never too soon to scribble down “where is next” you want to visit and see.

Pang Ung can be the answer if what you are looking for is enjoying a slower pace of life.

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