Join SwedCham China’s hybrid event ‘Sourcing survey by Asia Perspective’

With 2021 seeing disrupted supply chains, rising material costs, and a container shortage crisis, a prudent sourcing strategy and ability to adapt in the supply chain is crucial to business success.

The Swedish Chamber of Commerce China is therefore happy to once again welcome back Asia Perspective to present its survey on sourcing in China through a Hybrid event on 16 September. 

Asia Perspective has conducted sourcing surveys regularly since 2013, aiming to measure the perception of China as a sourcing market, and how this perception is changing over time. This research is based on an extensive survey sent to executives and purchasing managers, and focused on giving a unique forward-looking indication of what companies experience and what they perceive in the future”

During the event, you will hear from Sam Li, Partner at Asia Perspective, and Johan Annell, Partner at Asia Perspective, present the results of the survey and talk about:

What is the current sourcing situation in China and other parts of Asia?

What will sourcing look like post-pandemic and are there any long-lasting effects stemming from the pandemic?

What are the biggest perceived risks in the context of the world emerging from the pandemic?

What are the perceived risks with sourcing in China today (2021) compared to 2020?

What are some sourcing trends that companies can capitalize on?

Which will be the most important sourcing countries and regions in the future?

Find more information and sign up here

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