Kai Tuorila on his experience as a Team Finland specialist in Thailand

Team Finland has recruited 20 new experts at 16 locations to boost the international growth of Finnish companies and to attract investment to Finland. The Embassy of Finland in Thailand works closely with Business Finland and local stakeholders to create new business opportunities and in a recent article, Kai Tuorila talks about his experience as a Team Finland specialist in Thailand. 

Kai Tuorila has 30 years of experience as an entrepreneur in Thailand and working as a Team Finland specialist is a great opportunity to harness his experience and contact network for the use of Finnish companies. 

Proficiency in Thai and knowledge of business culture is certainly beneficial as a specialist, he says. “For example, in Thailand, there are about a hundred ways to say “no,” 99 of which begin with the word “yes”. I am motivated by the dynamism and potential of the local market. Thailand alone has a population of 70 million, and the ASEAN region has between 600 and 700 million. New market opportunities are constantly opening up.” he explains. 

As part of the Thai Team Finland team, Kai Tuorila supports Finnish companies in their internationalization and export efforts, and also companies already operating in Thailand. 

“With a larger team, we can effectively map market opportunities and direct them to Finnish companies. For example, we are currently investing in new letters of intent to open doors. Agreements are being prepared on, among other things, the circular economy cooperation with the Thai Ministry of Industry, as well as digitalization and smart city cooperation. A letter of intent for educational cooperation is also being prepared with the Ministry of Education,” he explains. 

“At the same time, we are intensifying our cooperation with others, such as the Thai-Finnish Chamber of Commerce, consultants and experts, and Thai people who have studied in Finland. Our team is also exploring opportunities for cooperation in education and working life,” Kai Tuorila adds. 

When asked in what areas Finns can succeed in Thailand, Kai Tuorila says:

Few people know that Thailand is among the top ten automakers in the world, more than 40 percent of the world’s computer hard drives are made here, and the country’s big companies are global gamblers. The country’s largest company CP Group is the largest foreign investor in China. Big companies have enough resources. 

Thailand is also aiming to be one of the world’s electric car hubs, and electric car battery recycling is in dire need of solutions. Two of the world’s largest electric car battery factories are under construction in the country. One interesting piece of news is the obligation to remotely monitor emissions from 600 plants in Bangkok and nearby areas. Finnish companies also have a lot of expertise in this field. 

In the energy sector, Thailand offers the continent’s best incentives for renewable energy investment. The national strategy focuses on the exploitation of new biomaterials, energy, and chemicals. Solutions are being sought for, among other things, the replacement of disposable materials, marine plastics, the treatment of municipal waste, and the utilization of agricultural waste streams in energy production. 

Finnish training expertise is also well-known, and various innovative training packages have been licensed. Collaboration and customer relationships exist with private investors and universities, and the new letter of intent will certainly increase collaboration.

Read the full article and more on the matter here

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