What is Team Finland? 

Team Finland is a network of public organizations providing internationalization services for Finnish companies. As Finland’s second-biggest trading partner in Southeast Asia, Thailand is a particularly significant export market for Finnish companies. 

Team Finland acts as a bridge between Finland and Thailand and the core of the Team Finland network is made up of the Embassy of Finland, Bangkok, together with Finland’s honorary consuls, Business Finland, and the Thai-Finnish Chamber of Commerce. 

The network is led by the Finnish Ambassador, while the Team Finland activities are coordinated by the Deputy Head of Mission (DHOM).

Thailand presents major opportunities in fields such as renewable energies, the circular economy, education, digital services, health technology, and the food industry.

In close collaboration with Business Finland and other members of the Team Finland network, the Embassy works to promote trading relations between these countries and identify business opportunities for Finnish companies. It provides companies with valuable information and brings people together.


More information about Team Finland and how they can help your business in Thailand can be found here

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