Learn to translate strategic goals into change with Novo Nordisk and DABS

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Danish Business Association in Singapore invites to the event “Behavioural Design as a Tool to Drive Change”.

Jacob Oerting Joergensen, current Senior Director and Head of People and Organisations in Business Area South-East Asia (BASEA) at Novo Nordisk based in Singapore, will educate listeners on how to translate strategic goals from top management into leading and driving change on the “ground floor”. This involves ensuring that both management teams as well as employees understand not only what the strategy means, but also how to drive the behavioural change needed in order to make it come alive.

– In Novo Nordisk, the only constant is change. Throughout the past many years, Novo Nordisk has been very successful in treating patients with diabetes. However, as the company has expanded into obesity and other chronic disease areas, there has been a need to understand how to translate this new strategy into something relevant and concrete for employees. Often, there is a gap between top management’s strategy workshops and implementation at the employee level. Add company culture, communication and behaviour to the equation and much can be lost in translation.

During the presentation, you will have the opportunity to reflect on whether your own organisation has any “Whispers on the 8th Floor”, and why we all should be paranoid about being disrupted if we don’t drive change as an integral part of the business. You will also get an understanding of barriers for driving change and what goes on in the corporate parallel world compared to the real world.

Finally, Jacob will share some of the concrete examples from Novo Nordisk and answer questions from the audience.

The event will take place on 27 October 2022.

For info: https://www.dabs-singapore.com/new-events/2020/8/27/virtual-meet-amp-greet-event-with-the-new-ambassadornbsp-7rpzr-en8z9-9h98x-xggrj-gxlaz-68ghd-htcx9-758nj-bhcmt-6hf37-pwnen-pzb5x-kkxn2-l6z4m-2f5rc-tkhhn-5g4mn-ah7dd-4zabp-35zfs-9lcze-mxsfe 

Source: https://www.facebook.com/DABSingapore/ 

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