Green Day: Biking with the Danish embassy in Beijing was a success

On 22 October 2020 The Royal Danish Embassy Beijing published a memo from the Green Day: Biking with the embassy’s activity that said:

There was high sun over Beijing when a well-evident bunch of press people, experts and friends of the Danish embassy attended the event, Green Day: Biking with the Embassy. Which the embassy had put in the lake to focus on sustainable urban development, health and climate.

Before the participants swung in the saddle of the embassy’s red bikes, and city bikes kindly lent from the trading platform Meituan, Ambassador H.E.Thomas Østrup Møller, pulled a 10-Yuan note out of his pocket to illustrate that according to a new Danish report, society can save closely at 10 Chinese yuan for every kilometer the citizen bikes.

Ambassador Møller said “Bicycles can both contribute to reducing air pollution and creating better cities, raising citizen s’ health and reducing health costs for society.”

A big thank you from the embassy to all the participants and speakers for the dialogue and contributions about the connection between cycling, health, climate and sustainable urban development, where people’s well-being is in focus.

Special thanks to: Director Rasmus Duong-Grunnet, Gehl Architects, who has put Danish bikes on the map in China. Vice President, Lin Min, Novo Nordisk leading Novo’s program ‘ Cities Changing Diabetes ‘ and to Jing Jing Ma, Nordiq Group and Dr. Su Yi, Beijing University, who together unveiled an upcoming Chinese translation of the Danish bike book, Copenhagenize.

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