Malaysia detains Chinese vessel loaded with World War II cannon balls

The Malaysian maritime force (MMEA) has detained a Chinese cargo vessel. The ship was illegally anchored and loaded with suspected WW II cannon balls. local media reported on Monday, May 29.

The ship was anchored in southern Johor on Sunday after failing to provide anchor clearance during an inspection.

Malaysia’s maritime agency said Monday it found a cannon shell believed to be from World War II. The MMEA is working with the police, the Malaysian Marine Department and the National Heritage Department to determine whether the carrier was involved in the looting of two British warship wrecks in the South China Sea.

Additional inspections revealed the presence of old steel, which are believed to be connected to an unexploded artillery incident in Tanjung Belungkor on May 19.

The ship has 32 crew members, including 21 Chinese nationals, 10 Bangladeshis, and one local.


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