Sweden might harden rules for permanent residence permits

Foreigners seeking permanent residency in Sweden should pass language tests and demonstrate knowledge of how Swedish society works. This is according to a report presented to the government on Monday, May 29.

According to the report by Court of Appeals Councilor Fredrik Fries, the tests should be introduced in 2027 for foreigners aged 18 and above who seeks permanent residency.

“For someone who will live and work in this country, it is absolutely central to have knowledge of the Swedish language and be familiar with the basic conditions in Swedish society,” Minister for Migration, Maria Malmer Stenergard, told SVT.

“Sweden is one of few countries without such a requirement. The idea is that Swedish legislation should approach that of other countries,” Fries said.

According to the Swedish Migration Agency, 6,990 foreign citizens were granted permanent residency in 2022.

Source: english.news.cn

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