Malaysian arrested for espionage in Norway

Police lawyer at PST, Thomas Fredrik Blom.
Police lawyer at PST, Thomas Fredrik Blom. Photo: Ingrid Emilie Waaler/NRK

A 25-year-old Malaysian citizen was arrested by Norway’s domestic security agency PST on 8 September 2023 on charges of conducting intelligence against the Norwegian country.

Norway’s domestic security agency, PST, arrested him at 9pm on Friday evening. They disclose that he was a student at a non-Norwegian institute, but has only been in Norway for a short time.  Whilst it remains unclear who the young man has conducted intelligence gathering on behalf of, PST ‘has no suspicion that Malaysia is behind it.’

Going forward

An order states that ‘his rental car has been observed on camera surveillance while a signal analysis is being carried out in the Government Quarter, the Prime Ministry and the Ministry of Defense.”

The police has since then seized a number of data-carrying devices and electronic items that PST will investigate. But Blom added that they are facing a fairly extensive investigation – and speaking of securing evidence, they are still just in the very beginning of it.

The man was imprisoned on 10 September for 4 weeks, with a ban on visits and general correspondence included, as well as the two first weeks in isolation – which he consented to. He does not, however, plead guilty to the charge.

Source: NRK

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