NordCham invites to COVID-19 Vaccination: Facts and fiction webinar

Find out facts and fiction regarding Covid-19 vaccination with NordCham Singapore’s upcoming webinar on 15 June. The event is free for all.

More about the event:

Singapore is in the process of rolling out the vaccination program, which started with frontline healthcare professionals and senior citizens. During the course of this program, it is expected to cover the majority of the population living in Singapore.

The rise in community cases has currently put Singapore back on high alert with the government encouraging everyone to register for vaccinations. The influx of variants of the virus emerging within the country and in the region has led to much public discourse as well and many have been considering whether getting vaccinated is suitable for them or not. 

In this context and the exceedingly polarised global debate around vaccines in general and COVID-19 vaccination in particular, there is a real risk that people may be making vaccination decisions based on incorrect, insufficient, or irrelevant information.

To combat this and to support the Ministry of Health Singapore in its vaccination drive, the EuroCham Healthcare committee in partnership with Fresenius Medical Care are proud to bring together a variety of stakeholders to discuss the issues related to COVID-19 vaccination and provide clarity of facts to combat inaccurate information or misperceptions in the public domain.

Find more information and register here

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