Nordic Innovation House Hong Kong invites Fintechs to Webinar and Panel Discussion

The Nordic Innovation House Hong Kong invites you to join their upcoming Webinar and Panel Discussion titled ‘How to Scale Nordic Fintechs to the World?’ on 28th September.

About the event, Nordic Innovation House Hong Kong writes:

We’re happy to announce the addition of another speaker to our panel—Erik Ingvoldstad from the Norwegian EedenBull. 

We already have 2 exciting speakers representing the top Nordic fintech and insurtech companies who have scaled their operations abroad, and who are willing to share their secrets to success as well as lessons learned during the journey. 

We will also have a Q&A from the audience, and you can pre-submit your questions through the registration form on our website! (see below)

The 5 Nordic Innovation Houses will also share their activities on how to support Nordic companies entering the global markets through Silicon Valley, New York, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Tokyo. This webinar is free to participate and useful for any Nordic tech companies scaling beyond the North.

The event is part of the Oslo Innovation Week 2021 “Scaling Your Growth Company” track.

Find more information here

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