Norwegian Embassy in Hanoi: physical meetings limited, covid-19 vaccine update 


Due to the recent developments in the covid-19 situation in Hanoi city, the Norwegian Embassy has limited physical meetings to only include emergency consular cases until further notice and will therefore deal with consular inquiries primarily through email and telephone. 

Regarding covid-19 vaccination of Norwegians in Vietnam the Embassy shares a link with the following updates:

There are no extraordinary plans from the Norwegian authorities to send vaccines to Norwegians abroad.

Vaccination locally in Vietnam is regulated by the Vietnamese authorities and carried out according to their national priorities. The Vietnamese authorities have recently opened up for foreign nationals in the country to also register for vaccination

See more about the Covid-19 situation in Vietnam here.

Vietnam, like most countries, has a great shortage of vaccines due to the limited global production capacity. So far, the country has received primarily vaccine doses of AstraZeneca under the Covax mechanism that Norway supports. The country has also approved several other vaccines and has large commercial orders out to get vaccines to the country in addition to donations from several countries.

Furthermore, the Embassy writes that due to new clusters of COVID-19 infections in Hanoi, the City’s authorities have urged its citizens to stay at home and ordered a halt to all non-essential services, effective from 19 July.


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