Norwegian-Vietnamese Veronica Ngo promotes her local language in new film

Screen capture of Kami, Veronica's character in the new movie "The Creator"
Screen capture of Kami, Veronica’s character in the new movie. Photo: 20th Century Studios Youtube

Norwegian-Vietnamese actress Ngo Thanh Van, also known as Veronica Ngo, made sure her character ‘Kami’ had some lines in Vietnamese in the new, upcoming film “The Creator.”

She had many discussions with the film director Gareth Edwards during the shooting process, regarding the language Veronica’s character speaks in the movie. There, she suggested that Kami should have lines in the Vietnamese language. And her suggestion got approved, due to the directors open mind, she explains.

“Kami’s Vietnamese lines in the movie were added by me, with approval from the director. Gareth always prioritizes actors’ creativity, so he lets us freely express our characters as long as our interpretations align with the characters.”

The lines hasn’t been released in full details just yet, but the movie has its premiere on 29 September, 2023.  “The Creator” is about a human special agent force whose aim is to shut down an AI force. Kami is a member of that force, and is expected to have a lot of action scenes, according to VN Express.

Veronica, 44, moved to Norway with her mother when she was just a teenager, and later returned to Vietnam to pursue her career within the entertainment industry in 1999.

ScandAsia has written about her before, and you can read more about her Norwegian-Vietnamese background right here.

Source: VN Express

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