Now Danes and Norwegians can play quarantine golf in Thailand

Tourists from Denmark and Norway can now quarantine in Thailand while playing golf. Archive press photo: Tourism Authority of Thailand.

Tourism Authority of Thailand, TAT states that Denmark and Norway have just been added to the country list of citizens who can travel into Thailand. They still have to be quarantined for 14 days, but it can now be done at golf resorts, writes the media Standby. TAT’s list is updated twice a month and Sweden is still not on the list. 

The Danish travel guides for all countries, including Thailand, are still red meaning travelers should avoid all travel to these destinations. But last month Thailand opened up to nationals of several countries allowing foreign citizens to travel to Thailand as tourists. To make it more attractive because the first two weeks have to be spent in quarantine, the Thai government has approved six golf resorts as quarantine sites. 

Travelers entering Thailand as tourists at the moment will be part of the Visa Exemption program that allows people to stay up to 45 days in the country. Before departure to Thailand, a negative coronate test not more than 72 hours old must be presented. Upon arrival, travelers are taken directly to one of the designated quarantine sites in Bangkok or now to one of the new six golf resorts. Travelers must be there for the next 14 days and on the third day, a quick PCR test is performed. If the test is negative, playing gold the next day is allowed. The six resorts are closed to other visitors while serving as a quarantine option and travelers will be tested a total of three times during their stay. After that they are free to travel around Thailand for what remains of their total of 45 day’s visa. 

The six golf resorts include Mida Golf Club, Blue Star Golf Course, and Evergreen Hills Golf Club & Resort, all in Kanchanaburi province approximately 200 kilometers west of Bangkok and Sawang Golf Club in Cha-am, Artitaya Chiang Mai Golf Resort near Chiang Mai as well as Artitaya Country Club at Nakhon Nayok.

TAT informs that if a travelers’ 3rd-day test comes back positive for corona, the traveler will be transferred to a designated hotel and any fellow travelers are placed under supervised quarantine.

For more information about the possibilities of gold quarantine, please see TAT’s special site designed for that purpose: or visit The Tourism Authority of Thailand, TAT’s website here

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