Pacific Orientation Relocation Services launches 2023 guide to Thailand

Owner and General Manager of PORS, Leo E. Alexandersen and General Manager, Pruesaporn Saipiang. Photo: Sofie Rønnelund

The Danish-Thai owned relocation service, Pacific Orientation Relocation Services (PORS), has published a new, comprehensive guide for those who are moving to Thailand. The guide is for the first time digital and will be continually updated instead of publishing a new guide every year. 

PORS is a business supporting expats moving into Thailand, is owned by the Danish Leo Emdal Alexandersen and his Thai wife Dharmaporn Alexandersen, and has now existed for over two decades. 

Their typical client is an employer who wants to provide a full service to their employees who are relocating to Thailand for work. The service is, however, available to anyone. PORS then helps the expats with everything within the framework set by the employer – whether it is school search, finding a home, getting a driver’s license or even moral support. 

On top of that, the company releases an additional guide every year, covering overall information and tips on moving to the Thai nation. But this time they’re taking it to a new level. 

A win for expats

Just two weeks ago, Pacific Orientation Relocation Services upgraded their guide to a fuller, more descriptive and even digital guide,“Everything You Need to Know When Relocating to Thailand in 2023,“ available to anyone who drops by their service online. 

The idea was requested by Asia Pacific Group, also known as “Reloc8,” who decided it would be convenient to create more comprehensive guides for multiple Asian countries. A challenge that was easily accepted.

“We had all the information at our fingertips, so it wasn’t too difficult to facilitate,” the company stressed. 

Anyone can write a guide – but not everyone can write a good one

Based on their 20+ years of work, they know by now who the most reliable sources are, and it is their job to always be on track with the latest updates – so one can trust the guide to be kept well up to date. 

Finally, the guide isn’t going anywhere soon. Instead of creating a new one every year, the plan is simply to edit the new one, making sure it is always up to date. Owner of PORS, Leo E. Alexandersen, expresses excitement around the new guide, and how it might benefit both expats but also potential new clients:

“We think it’s a great initiative. It’s free and accessible to anyone who could use a helping hand – and if they wish for a fuller service, we are more than ready to hold their hands through the whole journey. From before they even arrive, to the day they are back home.” 

The guide will soon be located on PORS’ own website, but until then it can be found here

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