Palsgaard’s opens new factory in Malaysia

Danish emulsifier specialist Palsgaard has announced that the company’s new factory is open and ready for business. The facility is able to produce various single emulsifiers as well as a variety of emulsifiers and stabilizer blends and has a capacity of 20,000 MT per year.

The factory is located in Nusajaya, Johor, in the southern part of Malaysia and has cost approximately US$36 million to build. The location for Palsgaard’s new facility was chosen specifically for its proximity to the source of raw materials, such as palm oil and its derivatives. Additionally, Palsgaard says that the infrastructure is very developed and the easy access to the harbour as well as to Palsgaard Singapore’s Innovation Centre for dairy, ice cream, soya, bakery, and confectionery applications, makes the location ideal.


The new factory covers an area of around 7,300 square metres, comprising a high tech manufacturing plant and R&D facility, laboratory, warehouse and administration centre. It is said to be a highly automated plant with integrated energy saving functionalities to ensure the continuation of Palsgaard’s dedication to CSR.



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