Scandinavian tourists face problems exchanging kroners for local currency’s abroad

Several countries will no longer exchange Norwegian kroners for the local currency. This has made Norges Bank warn Norwegians to take action before their trip.

Norges Bank informs NRK that they don’t have the full overview of which countries do not accept Norwegian kroner. So far tourists in both Thailand and Bulgaria report that they have been rejected when trying to exchange Norwegian kroners for local currency.

Swedes and Danes experience the same with their currency. The national banks in Sweden and Denmark tell their citizens not to bring back currency from their holiday.

The advice from Norges Bank is to contact your own bank if you are in doubt as to whether you can exchange kroner for local currency.

The reason why the Norwegian krone cannot be exchanged is because Norwegian banks have become more restrictive in buying these back due to the Money Laundering Act.


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