Stay out of trouble! Learn about do’s and don’ts in Singapore

The Danish Business Association, in cooperation with the Embassy of Denmark in Singapore and TSMP Law Corporations, invites you to learn more about do’s and don’ts in Singapore on 3 March.

More about the event, the organizers write:

The stories are unbelievable and the rumors are many, get a handle on the facts when the Danish Embassy and TSMP Law Corporations erase the uncertainties and clear up the do’s and don’ts in Singapore. 

You could end in serious trouble if you don’t know certain things about the laws in Singapore.

Come to an informative meeting with lawyer Ian Lim, Partner at TSMP Law Corporations and Deputy Head of Mission and Consul Birgit Dohmann Chang who will give you some useful tips on how to avoid “getting into trouble” in Singapore.

The event takes place in an informal tone and there will be plenty of room for questions from the participants. Discussion points as below. 

Do’s and don’ts for teenagers/ young people (and everyone else): Drinking, partying, drugs, fights, the outrage of modesty, shoplifting, etc. What to be aware of? Risks? What are the consequences? If in trouble, what to do?

Age of criminal responsibility.

Driving in Singapore: What to be aware of if you have an accident? Driving license (risks of driving without or with an expired license)?

Death in the family: What to do and expect if the husband, wife, or child passes away?

How can the embassy help? Who to contact, when, and how?

 Join this event if you are seeking the full perspective on do’s and don’ts in Singapore.

Find more information and sign up here


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