Stockholm best traffic city world-wide

Stockholm takes gold place in the Oliver Wyman Forum’s ranking of the world’s big cities based on mobility. The forum highlights in particular Stockholm’s public transport and infrastructure.

“Stockholm has jumped from bronze to gold in one year when it comes to mobility,” notes Kristoffer Tamsons (M), Regional Minister for Transport of Region Stockholm and Chairman of SL – Storstockholms Lokaltrafik. Kristoffer Tamsons is particularly pleased that it is public transport that lifting Stockholm to number one on this index.

“Our ranking is proof of our success when combining hard work to safeguard public transport during tough times with a forward-looking spirit in automation, digitization and electrification,” he adds.

The Oliver Wyman Forum produces annually a mobility index of how 60 large cities around the world ranked as traffic cities. The index is produced in collaboration with the University of California, Berkeley. Stockholm was this time ranked number one based on a number of different factors, such as how well developed its public and private mobility networks are and how they have adopted new technology.

This year’s index has introduced a new Sustainable Mobility sub-index, which evaluates how well cities are promoting green methods of transportation and ensuring their infrastructure is resilient to the risks of climate change. This ranking draws on existing metrics and one new indicator on cycling infrastructure. The Index has also expanded its coverage to include 10 additional cities: Atlanta, Cape Town, Jeddah, Munich, Nairobi, Oslo, Quito, Santiago, Vancouver, and Washington, D.C.

“Scandinavian cities are the clear pacesetters in sustainable mobility,” the Index writes in a summary of its findings.

“Oslo, often called the electric vehicle (EV) capital of the world, leads the sub-index while Helsinki and Stockholm rank in the top five. The Swedish capital has seen during the last year an increase in the number of people choosing to cycle and has continued to invest in EV charging stations and micromobility infrastructure.”

“Other European cities and several Asian metropolises also score well on sustainable mobility. They boast strong multimodal networks and robust transit systems that contribute to lower car ownership rates; take potential natural disasters into account when developing new infrastructure, and invest actively in EV charging.”

Bicycling the Covid-winner

One feature shared by many of the top performers is a trend to extend and make permanent their cycling infrastructure, much of it erected hastily during the pandemic. Berlin has expanded access to bike sharing while Boston, London, and Milan increased the number of cycling lanes. According to the Wyman Forum, authorities in Paris recently announced they would add 180 kilometers of cycling lanes and quadruple the number of bike parking spots, to 240,000, by 2026.

Asia’s top cities

Singapore ranked overall 3rd in the Index while most other cities were below the world average. Here is the ranking among the Asian cities included in the Index:

Singapore ……… 3

Hong Kong ……… 8

Tokyo ……… 16

Beijing ……… 27

Kuala Lumpur ……… 38

Bangkok ……… 46

Jakarta ……… 47

Delhi ……… 48

Manila ……… 56

Source: Oliver Wyman

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