Sustainable fashion out of recycled bottles

The KAMAY jacket by Aleksander Revas is crafted from premium faux suede developed from recycled PET bottles. The jacket is made to raise awareness about the urgent issue of plastic use and its impact on the environment.

Plastic pollution is a pressing concern

Plastic has become a pressing concern in the clothing industry, particularly with the frequency of synthetic fibers. Derived from fossil fuels, these fibers essentially represent various forms of plastic with significant environmental consequences.

It is not just in fashion that plastic waste is a concern. The plastic within our oceans is already of huge problem. Still, the amount of plastic in the oceans is projected to double by 2030 and triple by 2040.

Southeast Asian countries are considered significant contributors to the land-based plastic waste into the seas. The region generates 31 million tons of plastic waste annually.

Managing the waste

The approach used by Southeast Asian countries are only focusing on specific areas. This results in oversights affecting the region on a larger scale.

Managing waste through incineration is only available in some regions like Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam and Myanmar, while China’s ban on plastic imports has resulted in more plastic waste in Southeast Asian countries like the Philippines, Malaysia and Indonesia.

Countries including Malaysia and the Philippines are returning the plastics to Western countries, while Thailand and Vietnam have restricted the import of plastic waste. Despite that, Southeast Asian countries are still struggling with the influx of plastic waste.

Out of 27.8 million tons of plastic waste generated in Thailand, 27% is improperly disposed off. Similar situations have been seen in bordering countries.

The KAMAY jacket as a part of the solution

Sustainable fashion practices offer a way to deal with the excessive waste. The KAMAY jacket exemplifies this, with the use of recycled PET bottles.

Dinamica®, an ecological microfiber used in the jacket’s construction, follows a production process similar to paper recycling. This eliminates the use of harmful chemical substances. The recycled polyester in Dinamica® is derived from polyester fibers and PET, repurposing waste products that would otherwise contribute to landfill sites or incineration. Thereby reducing CO2 emissions.

“Sustainable and ethical fashion is not commonly seen as compatible with luxury designer wear. We are pleased that one of the 11 suggestions made by UNEP to #beatplasticpollution is dress sustainably. Caring is chic, and we are committed to leading the way by integrating responsible practices,” said Aleks M., Creative Director at Aleksander Revas.


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