Sweden praises companies in Philippines for pioneering in green transition

Team Sweden has applauded some of its major firms in the Philippines for pioneering the green energy and industrial transition.

Swedish Ambassador to the Philippines, Annika Thunborg, made this remark at the recent business forum at the Shangri-la The Fort in Taguig City.

“In rapidly growing economies, a green and sustainable transition can assist in socio-economic development. Sustainability in all aspects will lead to inclusion and better health and quality of life for all,” she said.

Sweden ranks 3rd in the 2022 Sustainable Development Goals Report and 5th in the Climate Change Performance Index. Swedish companies in the Philippines move the green transition forward by implementing sustainable business processes in their operations.

Thunborg explained that this is made possible through the “quadruple helix model.” This involves collaboration with the Philippine Government, Swedish and Filipino private sector, international development institutions and other expert communities.

“This is instrumental in Sweden’s journey from one of the poorest countries in Europe to a prosperous welfare state with globally recognized companies and innovative startups,” she added.

In a separate speech at the Swedish National Day, she also mentioned the longstanding friendship between Sweden and the Philippines. She acknowledged the remarkable similarities and shared interests between the two nations despite their significant geographical distance.

Thunborg expressed her optimism for the future of Sweden-Philippines relations and the positive impact that joint efforts can bring to both nations.

Source: Politiko

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