Thailand opens first pet-friendly cinema

Dozens of four-legged film-goers arrived in strollers on Saturday, June 10, for the opening of Thailand’s first pet-friendly cinema in Bangkok.

The country’s pet industry is considered the second-biggest in Asia right behind China’s. According to industry data, there was approximately 8.3 million dogs and 3.7 million cats in 2021.

Pet ownership grew further during the coronavirus pandemic, and now some businesses are trying to cash in.

Earlier this month, Swedish furniture giant IKEA announced that small dogs and cats were welcome to visit its Thailand stores, as long as they sit in prams.

One long-time Bangkok expat said she would never take her pet to the cinema. She finds the whole concept “unnatural.”

“It’s so ridiculous. Dogs are not allowed in most Bangkok parks but they can go to a movie or cafe. What comes next, you bring your pet to a massage parlour?” she said to AFP.


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