Sweden to boost security controls after Quran burnings

Threats to Sweden have increased after recent Quran burnings, the country’s government said on Tuesday, August 1. The government then added, that it would strengthen border and internal controls and give police wider authority to stop and search people as a result of the threat assessment.

Sweden and Denmark have seen a string of protests in recent weeks, in which copies of the Quran were burned or otherwise damaged. This has outraged Muslim countries that demands that the Nordic governments put a stop to the burnings.

More Quran burnings took place on Monday and both countries said they were examining ways to legally limit such acts in a attempt to de-escalate tensions.

The Swedish Prime Minister Ulf Kristersson said the security situation in Sweden is complex, not least because of its delayed accession to NATO. The government will therefor temporarily ramp up internal security and border controls, giving police wider authority to stop and search people, he said.

He also urged people to use the freedom of speech responsibly and respectfully.

“In a free country like Sweden, you have a great deal of freedom. But with that great degree of freedom comes a great degree of responsibility,” Kristersson told a news outlet.

“Everything that is legal is not appropriate. It can be awful but still lawful. We try to promote a respectful tone between people and countries.”

Source: nasdaq.com

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