Sweden to cut social benefits for non-European immigrants

The Swedish government is planning to cut social benefits for immigrants from countries outside the European Union, though the details of the changes are still in discussion.

According to Info Migrants, the leaders of the three-party coalition and the far-right Sweden Democrats (SD) claimed that the country has “significant problems” with foreign-born people who are unemployed and live on benefits.

Sweden’s former migration minister and Social Democratic Party spokesperson on immigration, Anders Ygeman, said it was difficult to address the government’s plans before all the details were known.

But in a statement provided to AFP, he noted the reform will require qualifications from immigrants before they receive certain benefits. In addition, migrants will have to wait longer in the future.

Today, the policy for a non-European immigrant to receive state welfare payments is to currently reside and be expected to reside in Sweden for at least one year.

Source: Info Migrants

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