Sweden to increase security checks for dual-citizens

Stricter security checks will be conducted on dual citizens or people with links to foreign countries who apply for sensitive jobs. The head of the Swedish Security Service announced Tuesday, June 20.

Last year, the Swedish Security Service (Säpo), called for a government inquiry to sharpen security assessments considering foreign citizenship or other links to foreign countries.

“We can see that the threat from foreign powers in Sweden is high and that authoritarian states such as Russia, China and Iran are acting increasingly offensively,” Charlotte von Essen, the head of the Swedish Security Service, said at a press conference.

The government is now setting up an inquiry into the issue to see if it could be done.

“We welcome this investigation. I think it is important to analyze and consider the different options,” von Essen added.

Säpo’s proposal has received both praise and criticism from Swedish commentators. But according to Justice Minister Gunnar Strömmer, the aim is to strengthen Sweden’s security and the legal security of individuals.

“There is both a strong security interest and a strong rule of law interest. The inquiry will be tasked with meeting both these interests,” he said.

Dual citizenship is already a factor that is taken into account, but guidelines need to be clearer, Strömmer emphasized.

Source: euractiv.com

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