Swedish and Finnish road systems inspire Malaysia

Whilst speaking of reducing the risk of motorcycle accidents in Malaysia, Sweden and Finland was cited for their ‘efficient road safety systems.’

Alone in 2022, more than 500.000 accidents were reported in Malaysia. 6080 of the reports ended in death, and 4101 of the deaths were motorcyclists.

Something needs to be done, Prof Dr Kulanthayan KC Mani of the Department of Community Health, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences UniversitI Putra Malaysia (UPM) said.

“We must remember that Malaysia was the first country in the world to introduce a motorcycle lane, but we never scaled it up. If the government can focus on having additional motorcycle lanes at places where there is high demand, we can reduce accidents.”

He then explained how maintenance of the bike lanes is equally important. They enable road users to actually use them. Lastly he emphasized road safety products especially for children, such as safety seats, helmets and safety vests – because nearly 1000 of the deadly accidents from motorcycles involved kids.

Source: The Sun Daily 

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