Scandinavia criticizes China for Tibet situation

During ‘The International Campaign for Tibet’ held in Berlin in late September 2023, one could perhaps predict that China wasn’t given the good spotlight.

On behalf of the Finnish ‘Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights,’ EU Policy Director Vincent Metten called on UN member states to vote against China’s full membership in the Human Rights Council in October.

He also stressed the critical need for nations to hold China accountable for its ‘severe human rights violations’ during its fourth Universal Periodic Review, done by the UN Human Rights Council in January. Such as what’s happening in Tibet.

Several other nations seconded that opinion. Including Denmark, Finland and Sweden.

“The Chinese government’s ongoing policy of repression aims to eradicate the authentic and self-determined Tibetan culture. This policy must be stopped immediately,” Metten said.

He then went on to talk about the school scheme which has separated a million Tibetan children from their families, as well as mentioning their overall lack of religious freedom.

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