Swedish beauty and tech giant Foreo ramps up promotions in Singapore

Foreo, the Swedish beauty and tech giant has “hit the ground running” as people begin returning to Singapore for business and shopping, a new report said.

As tourism steadily recovers in Southeast Asia, the company is harnessing the market citing travel stats that show international airline bookings to Southeast Asia had hit 38% of pre-pandemic levels by mid-March.

The company reopened multiple counters at Singapore’s Changi Airport and following Malaysia’s opening at the end of April, they have multiple promotions to continue through June, highlighting several key products.

Global Travel Retail Director, Gary Leong, said “We are thrilled to welcome back tourists to Southeast Asia, and we can’t wait to get back into the groove of things.

“Promotions are ongoing to make sure that tourists are able to get the best of Foreo on their travels, and we’re grateful to our long-term and new partners for supporting our endeavors to get back on our feet in the region.”

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