Swedish chemists played a part in the history of plastic and injection molding


Some innovations are impacting the world better, smarter, and even a bit more fun, and when a Nordic company, organization, or individual plays an important role it’s important to highlight that. 

In December 2020, ScandAsia shared how Finnish innovations OURA and Solar Foods were selected by TIME among the top 100 innovations changing how we live but another important innovation has also changed how we live. It was the creation of plastics and 174 years ago, a Swedish chemist played a part in the history of plastic and injection molding.

If you want to know more about the history, in this article Modeling USA follows the history of plastic and injection molding, it focuses on the invention of the first plastic molding machine and how the technology has progressed since then. It describes how our fellow Nordic countryman, Swedish chemist Jacob Berzelius in 1847 paved the way for developing artificial commercial plastic with his development of the first condensation polymer. 

And looking back, when Alexander Parkes 15 years later in 1856 invented the first thermoplastic, he probably had no idea how pervasive his invention would become in the centuries that followed. Today, thanks to the invention of injection molding, plastic is used in almost any industry you can imagine, including manufacturing, packaging, construction, education, transportation, and healthcare.

Read the full article covering who invented the first plastic molding machine, when the first artificial commercial plastic became available, who invented the first condensation polymer, what the future developments in plastic and injection molding are, and why the first screw injection molding machine created a seismic shift in the plastic industry by Molding USA here

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