Finnish food factory opens new factory

At a newly opened food factory in Finland they have managed to grow protein out of cells using nothing more than air and electricity. The new breakthrough by the company hasn’t been cleared to distribute in the EU countries yet, but they are selling to vendors in Singapore.

The Solar food factory brands themselves on creating the new substanse using only carbon dioxide, hydrogen and some minerals. Then adding electricity from renewable sources the factory creates a powder which contains a large amount of protein, making it a good substitute for dairy products and eggs.

There are other companies attempting to also create subsitutes for the traditional agriculture, but they have often been accused of being a bigger drain on the carbon footprint than the agricultural system they are trying to replace.

The company has, as previously stated, been cleared in Singapore, where it has been used in some restaurant in icecream. They are however still waiting to be classified as a food product in the EU and the United States.

Pasi Vainikka, the Solar Foods chief executive told AFP, that to make any kind of difference environmentally, the company has to build factories ten times the size of the current one.

Source: The Peak


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