Swedish “Djerf Avenue” pop-up store and first fashion show rock NYC

Matilda Djerf inside her Djerf Avenue’s pop-up Store in New York City, the United States. Photo credit: Djerf Avenue Instagram.

The brand “Djerf Avenue” from Stockholm, Sweden successfully wrapped up its pop-up store opening and held the first fashion show during the first week of September 2023 in New York City, the United States.

The store received significantly positive feedback from customers for the whole opening period, showing people in long lines waiting to go in for shopping, meeting the owner, Matilda Djerf, as well as ordering the special “Djerf Avenue Iced Vanilla Latte.”

Customers of Djerf Avenue waiting in long lines to go into the pop-up store. Photo credit: Djerf Avenue Instagram.

Items like the “Summer Midnight Dress”, “Go Slow Shirt Summer Berries”, “Little Shirt Sorbet”, “Breezy Shirt Blue,” “Relaxed Jeans Washed Blue”, and many other designs of the brand were widely worn among the customers. Though, the most popular items could not be anything else except the “I Love DA” tote bags and t-shirts.

“Djerf Avenue Girls” gathering in front of the Guggenheim’s Peter B Lewis Theater to attend the runway and dinner party. Photo credit: Djerf Avenue Instagram.

Moreover, Djerf Avenue’s first fashion show, the “5th Avenue Angels” was as exclusive with the brand presenting its “Remake Collection” on the last night of the shop’s opening period. It was held in the Guggenheim’s Peter B Lewis Theater.

Models presenting Djerf Avenue’s clothes on the brand’s first fashion show. Photo credit: Djerf Avenue Instagram.

On the runway, each design of Djerf Avenue was presented by models from diverse shapes and sizes under the attempt of the brand to show the fashion industry that “women can be more than one size, one kind of girl.”

“Our first-ever fashion show, a celebration of what fashion means to me and to the Djerf Avenue…I wanted to highlight creativity and versatility, and I wanted everyone watching [the fashion show] to feel like these items are something they would wear in their everyday life,” Matilda wrote on her Instagram post.

Matilda Djerf (right) among the crowd at the dinner party. Photo credit: Djerf Avenue Instagram.

The night closed up with a dinner party serving special dishes and drinks which “Djerf Avenue Girls” and Matilda got to jointly enjoy.

Afterwards, filled up with gratitude, Matilda further expressed her thanks to her crew after her achievement.

“Thank you for bringing my vision to life, thank you for being your beautiful, authentic selves. I wish there were words that could express what I’m feeling but there are no words big or meaningful enough.”

Soon, the “Remake Collection” from the New York City runway will be dropped in stock via the brand’s official website. Plus, the “Djerf Avenue Iced Vanilla Latte” will be available across all Bluestone Lane‘s locations throughout this September.


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