Tribute from Danish Embassy on 400 years relationship between Denmark and Thailand

The Danish Embassy in Bangkok announced that 2021 marks the 400-year anniversary of relations between Denmark and Thailand. The two nations historical relationship leads back to 1621 when the fist Danish ship arrived to Thailand and it’s celebrated with the campaign: ‘Today, tomorrow, together Denmark and Thailand 1621-2021’

In a tribute on their Facebook page they write the following:

“The earliest recorded visit to Siam was in 1621 when a Danish ship, captained by Dutchman Roland Crappé, traveled to the port of Mergui in Tenasserim, a part of Siam at the time, where he and his crew were granted permission to trade.
Part of the permission letter written by Okya Chaiyathibodi, Regent of Tenasserim, read:
“Tenasserim has granted permission to foreign traders to buy and sell goods as well as to conduct commercial activities here. The city shall also permit travel as far as to the Kingdom of Ayutthaya, where the Court of Ayutthaya shall facilitate all types of businesses conducted by foreigners.
I wish to establish a close relationship with the King of Denmark through Tenasserim, and we are ready to do anything to help strengthen the relationship between our two nations”
This event constitutes the very beginning of the relationship between Denmark and Thailand.”

Previously the Embassy announced that they are excited to celebrate the anniversary and that 2021 will be a special year with exciting events and activities.

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