Swedish Foreo successfully fights Chinese copycats in court

Swedish brand Foreo is using the Chinese legal system to fight against counterfeiters

Foreo, Swedish skincare and beauty tech brand received $ 500,000 in compensation for design infringement after a ruling by the Shanghai Intellectual Property Court in 2019. The never-before-seen compensation has motivated the company to continue to use the law to protect its intellectual property rights over its creations.

Foreo has praised the Chinese legal system for its accuracy in fighting the war against fake and counterfeit products and the company intends to continue to stamp out copycat products from China in 2021.

Counterfeit products are a very big problem for many companies and according to the 2018 Global Brand Counterfeiting Report, worldwide losses from copycat products came to US$320 billion in 2017 with 80% coming from China. This includes counterfeiting of all equipment and products from defense equipment through to fake watches, shoes, and handbags.

According to Foreo, the 2019 Shanghai ruling sets the tone for other brands that suffer from the same issue and the ruling boosted the brand’s efforts in the war against fake and copycat products. Stamping out copycat products is not only to protect the brand itself but also to protect the customers. As the brand has no control of how the product is made it can be harmful in terms of manufacturing, hygiene, and factory standards.

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