Veronica Lin’s son appeals to his father in Swedish documentary ‘Veronica and the Chinese millionaire’  

“I wonder what really happened between you and my mother”

18 years after Veronica Lin was found murdered in Högsbo, Sweden, her son Marcus addresses his Chinese father in Swedish media STV’s new documentary “Veronica and the Chinese millionaire”.

Expressen writes that Veronica Lin was reported missing after not returning home on the evening of 18 March 2003. She was later found dead in a neighboring apartment and her then-husband, the Chinese businessman and billionaire You Lin, was first convicted of ordering the murder but was later acquitted.

The still-unresolved case is now covered in a six-part documentary with the first episode released on 14 November. 

In the program, Veronica and You Lin’s son Marcus, now 22 years old addresses his father in a letter he reads out loud. For many years, Marcus believed that his mother had died in an accident but at the age of 10 he found out what really happened. Marcus hasn’t seen his father for a really long time and in his letter to his father, he says, “I have heard a lot from others over the years. Both positive and negative things, about horrible actions. I wonder what really happened between you and my mother.”

Veronica and You Lin met in 1996 while Veronica was living in China. She was there to study the language and worked extra as an English teacher. You Lin became her student. The couple fell in love and got married, and in 1999 their son Marcus was born. The romance was short-lived however and Marcus lived with his mother in Gothenburg while You Lin visited. In the spring of 2003 just before Veronica Lin was murdered, their relationship was practically over and she wanted to file for divorce.

Following Veronica’s death, You Lin was initially detained for involvement in the murder but was later released. Not long later, the neighbor was also found partially dismembered and buried in the property’s backyard, but by then You Lin had already left the country.

The suspicions against him remained, however, and in 2014 he was arrested in the UK and taken to Sweden where he was later charged with incitement to murder and was also sentenced to life in prison and deportation.

The verdict was later changed after a jury member was considered disqualified and the entire trial had to be resumed, and You Lin was acquitted. You Lin, was also acquitted of inciting the murder of the neighbor.

Since then, the prosecutor has appealed to the Court of Appeal – but those negotiations have never been possible as You Lin could not be reached for a so-called service.

The six episodes of ‘Veronica and the Chinese millionaire’ are released on SVT Play on Sundays and broadcast on SVT1 the same day.

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